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3859 Battleground Ave, Suite 300
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About Hagen Engineering

Hagen Engineering, PA is a civil design company that specializes in land development consulting.  

We approach design by evaluating cost, constructability and function.  We are always looking for ways to save resources, use efficient design, and work with local agencies to reduce time in the permitting process.  This creates more resources in the Clients’ budget for aesthetic elements and profit.

Hagen Engineering, PA team members understand that profit for our for-profit Clients provides opportunity for future projects for us and the construction industry in which we belong.  For our non-profit Clients, the savings allows for larger aesthetically pleasing facilities with more amenities.

Resources like materials and time are always limited.  Using these wisely promotes work place productivity, environmental conservation, and economy.   The more productive we are, the more economy is generated, and the more prosperous we all become.   Hagen Engineering believes in these principles and is here to assist our Clients achieve their goals.

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We exceed expectations.